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8/1/2021 6:26 PM

Sponsorship Information

Do you want to help the cats an kittens in our program, but you can't foster or adopt?


You can choose to sponsor one of the cats or kittens in the program to help cover some of the continuing costs of care. 

All of our primary foster homes have some cats that aren't adoptable due to various reasons, be it health reasons, temperment reasons, or other reasons.

Since we do not euthanize for space, we continue to care for any cats in our program who may not be adoptable.  Sponsorship will help with the continuing care.

There is the rare occasion that a cat that we may not believe is adoptable may fit into a household. 

In some cases, some cats who may not have been tame coming into the program may become tame over time.  These cats may ultimately be adoptable.  But we never know how long it may take for them to get tame enough.

You can sponsor a cat for as little as $5.  Just click on the "Sponsor this Pet" link found on the cat's information page.

Sponsorship can be a regularly scheduled donation or it may be a one time donation.

Any and all sponsorships and donations are greatly appreciated.