Donation Information



 Donations may be made:

via Mail to:
Purr Paws Rescue, Inc
18062 FM 529 Rd, Ste 161
Cypress, TX 77433

via Paypal at:

Dropped off during adoptions at:
PetSmart Cypress
28529 NW Freeway
Cypress, TX 77433

via Venmo at:




We can always use:

Items from our Amazon Wishlist


Cat Care Supplies:

Canned or Dry Cat Food

Clay, Clumping or Pelleted Liter

Various Sized Litterboxes

Various types of Carriers: Cardboard, Plastic, Softsided

Scratching Posts: Sisal, Carpeted, Cardboard

Cat Toys, Cat Trees, Catnip





Neonatal (Orphan Kitten) Supplies:

KMR: Powdered  (12oz or 28oz) or Canned (8oz or 11oz)

KMR Emergency Feeding Kit

2oz Bottles: Four Paws or PetAg

Nipples: Four Paws or PetAg Replacement Nipples 5pk

Royal Canin Babycat 34 Dry

Royal Canin Kitten 36 Dry Kitten

Wee-Wee Pads (to help keep bottle babies dry)





Adoption Day Supplies:

Crates (Primarily 36", but other sizes can also be used)

Bowls that attach to cages.

Fabric for making cage covers, table clothes, and toys.


Flea Treatment Products:

Frontline,  Advantage, Revolution, Capstar

Flea Combs




Washable CatBedding Material:

Crate Beds, Towels, Sheets, Blankets, etc.

Heat Sources for Infant Kittens:

Heating Pads,  Snuggle Safe Pads


Cleaning Supplies can always be used.

Spray Bottles


Laundry Detergent (regular and HE, liquid or powder)

Liquid Hand Soap

Trash Bags (any size is usable) 


There are always things that need to be cleaned!

Brooms, Dustpans, Mops

Paper Towels

Dishwashing Detergent (liquid or powder)

Hand Sanitizer




Office Supplies:

Computer Paper (White or Colored)


Ink or Toner for Printers (please contact us for specifics)

Heavier Paper for Leaflets