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Help TANG -- Sunday February 26th, 2023

Tang needs some additional medical help. He has to have an MRI done to diagnose his exact problem and probable surgery to fix the problem. We need a little financial help to get him covered. Tang was found in a storm sewer by a lady that reached out to us at Purr Paws Rescue. When his foster mom picked him up and assessed his condition there was a lot of swelling and scabs on his lower abdomen and genitals. He was rushed to the vet and it was determined that he was probably chewed on by rats. After a lot of medicine and tender loving care he has grown into a gorgeous hyper active fluff ball. During the process of getting Tang neutered developed swellings both sides of his anus, and they have continued to grow. After seeing the soft tissue specialist at Texas A & M small animal hospital it has been determined that Tang needs an MRI, and a deposit for probable surgery. We all know times are challenging for everyone and they are in the rescue world too. Please donate anything you can to help this loving and vivacious kitten get the care he truly need.