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2/8/2023 3:12 AM

Latest News Items:

Kermit Fundraiser -- Wednesday March 9th, 2011

Kermit, one of Purr Paws long-term fosters, had to have x-rays on one of his legs Monday, Feb 7, 2011. He has been limping. There are no obvious signs of a fracture but signs of reactive bone growth which leads our vet to “believe” that it is a healing fracture but he cannot rule out something more serious. Wednesday, he had an appointment with Dr Susanek at Greater Houston Vet Specialist. Unfortunately, Dr Susanek was unable to give a definitive diagnosis today. Dr Susanek is going to have other surgeons examine the x-rays and we go for a follow-up in 3 weeks with additional x-rays and the possibility of a biopsy. Possible diagnosis include – a healing fracture, bone infection, or cancer. Donations are needed to help with these unexpected expenses, even a few dollars will help. A ChipIn (http://purrpawsrescue.chipin.com/kermit) has been set up to help with Kermit’s expenses.

Kermit is a long-term foster because he suffers from Manx syndrome. He was taken to one of our vets to be euthanized by a breeder because he had no anal tone which means he leaks constantly. They called us and asked if we could help this boy. He is an absolute love and provides lots of entertainment. Kermit has tolerated daily baths very well. Only once in 6 months has he ever expressed frustration and even then, he gently put his paws on his foster mothers face, not one claw extended, and looked at her like, “I could rip your face to pieces if you don’t quit bathing me now!” He has gained some anal tone so that he doesn’t leak constantly now. Many of the other kitties in his foster home (and even the 20 pound dog) mother him, making sure he stays clean. He loves to spend time with people following his foster mom around the house or snoozing with “mom” or some of the other pets in the house.

Kitten Shower! -- Saturday May 15th, 2010

You are invited to join Purr Paws Rescue at PetsMart Copperfield for a Kitten Shower! Kitten season is here with a vengeance and those little ones aren't always easy to keep in kibble (and milk, and litter, and ...). Please help us in raising the little ones with your donation of supplies or funds. Thanks to everyone for their support for the Kitten Shower!