Purr Paws Rescue, Inc

Thank you for visiting with us.


Purr Paws Rescue works only thru foster homes, we do not have a shelter.

We are willing to help just about anyone, but sometimes we need your help as well.


What does this mean for you?

As a non-profit no-kill rescue, Purr Paws Rescue depends on donations to help cover the costs of providing the veterinary care for the cats and kittens in our program.  We do not receive any government funding.

Purr Paws Rescue is a volunteer only group.  We do not have any paid employees.  Thus all donations are used for the animals and their related care.

Since Purr Paws Rescue is a Foster based rescue, our fosters cats and kittens live in our homes.

And our homes only have so much space.

That is our limitation of how many foster cats and kittens we can house and ultimately help.

If you are looking to rehome a cat or kitten, there is a better chance of us being able to help if you can foster the cat or kitten in your home.  It doesn't matter if the cat or kitten is a family member, is a neighborhood stray, or you just found it.   We can potentially help you with finding a new home for the cat or kitten even if we do not have space to take s/he into one of our homes.

We can potentially help with getting the cat or kitten to what we consider to be an adoptable status.  We do not adopt out cats or kittens who have not been fixed yet.  If your cat or kitten hasn't been spayed or neutered, we can help with getting that done.  We can also help with getting his or her vaccinations updated, having a combo test (for FIV and FeLV) done and such.  Please read the Foster Information or email us at info@purrpawsrescue.org for more details.

So please, feel free to email us if you are needing to rehome a cat or kitten and we will do all that we can to find him/her a new home.

But we can always use your help as well.