Interested in adopting a new cat or kitten for your family?


Has a certain feline captured your eye? Or do you have 'just the one' in mind?

Filling out the online adoption application is the first step in the process.  You can also print out a copy of the adoption application and either bring it into either store or fax it to us at the number provided.

If you are looking for 'just the one', the online adoption application does have an area that includes colors, ages, personality traits and such that can help us find a match for you!  Or you can print a copy of our Cat Quiz to bring in to either store or fax to us at the number provided.  Even if the cat or kitten isn't actually one of our fosters.  If we know of another rescuer, rescue, or shelter that has a cat or kitten that resembles your 'one', we'll tell you. The important part of all of this is to find the right homes for the cats and kittens.

After submitting the adoption application, a volunteer will contact you with any questions.  If you listed a specific cat or kitten on the application, the volunteer will let you know more about that specific cat or kitten.  We reply to adoption applications as soon as it is feasibly possible.  Sometimes real life (work, family, etc) can cause a delay.

If you are approved for the adoption, there will be a contract for you to review and complete with a volunteer, and the adoption fee is $115 for kittens and $75 for adults (over 12 months) (to help offset some of the veterinary costs).

Please note we are not looking to “get rid of” our fosters. We are looking for the best possible home for each and every one of our furbabies, so while you might provide a good and loving home for one, the foster parent might find another application that fits the needs of that particular cat or kitten better.

Unfortunately there are occasions where we feel that a cat or kitten may not be a good candidate for your application. We want both you and the cat or kitten to be happy.

There will most likely be another cat or kitten that will fit into your home.

Completing an adoption application does not guarantee an adoption.

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.