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11/27/2022 10:40 AM

TWINKLE's Sponsorship Page

My story.  I'm Twinkle and I'm the kitty that it took a village for me to be here today!   I was found by a nice lady because my cat mom had abandoned me.  She knew something was off...kinda how nature works.  The lady contacted the rescue and they began bottle feeding...and I screamed all the time.   Finally found a mama cat and that helped cause I wasn't alone anymore.    Then my foster mom noticed that my tongue started to hang out and I had trouble walking.  Went to vet and he said a lot of times cats with neurological issues grow out of the symtoms and lead a normal life!!  

Well, I moved to another foster's house and got another mama cat and just thought to myself -whatever!!!  After awhile my symptons went away and I can hold my own now!!  I'm playful and agile and all over.   I love finding new things, and love being goody with my foster mom.  My vet says I love life and a happy kitty!   It took a village and a lot of love!!!   One thing I did't lack in was mamas - human and cats.   I haven't had a bad day in my life and I'm ready for my very own family!!!  

You can reach my foster mom at catlady5555@yahoo.com.   (Janet)

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